The non-fungible token development gradually drifted millions of users worldwide to adapt to the digital transition for future growth. The NFT is a promising future for many individuals and start-ups to use the opportunities to expand their economic status in a short period. The market for NFTs is vast for the unique properties it holds in this global world. Many celebrities have stormed the internet in recent times by using this blockchain platform to sell their digital assets as NFTs.

The NFT tokens have high value in the marketplace, for which it gained the attraction of many users to prefer…

The NFT platform is rising in full force across the globe. The big brands of companies, celebrities, and entrepreneurs are focused on tokenizing their own NFTs according to the latest trend generating revenue of about millions in the process. At times, it’s hard to afford some NFTs being sold and figuring out how to create your own NFT marketplace is a challenging situation to be battled.

Create your own NFT Marketplace to attract users and NFT developers. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have recorded a rise in trading volume and increased usage among users over the launch of a few months. NFTs…

Introducing DeFi

The world of finance as we know it has largely been centralized and it has been controlled by authorities like governments, reserve banks, and retail banks. While it provides all the essential utilities, it is plagued with a lot of intermediaries that cost a lot in terms of both time and money. There have been instances where international money transfers take even weeks to get reflected in the recipient’s bank account.

The reach of traditional finance is limited to the presence of financial institutions that are a part of the ecosystem. …

NFTs have seen an immense surge in the marketplace with their unparalleled features and abilities. NFT evolves day by day with a new avatar of tokenization. Tokenization of unique collectibles introduced the idea of different tokenization possibilities whatever people find anything unique. NFT encompasses art, game assets, virtual lands, sports collectible, fantasy sports, trading cards and keeps growing with the trend.

NFT marketplace is a platform that allows users to create, buy, sell and trade NFT tokens. Marketplace gains huge visibility from a wide range of audiences like investors, developers, and crypto enthusiasts. …

The crypto-token like ALICE has rolled 60,000% from $0.1 to $60 within a minute and topped the list of crypto exchange Binance. ALICE is a native crypto token in a multiplayer blockchain game platform. In the My neighbour Alice gaming world, players can contribute to buying and owning the virtual islands. In the Binance launch pool, the social blockchain game is considered the 18th project. The users can stake their BNB, BUSD, and other cryptocurrency tokens into separate pools to form ALICE tokens.

Ever since Binance had been the world’s largest crypto exchange platform in the marketplace, with high volume…

Elon Musk, the founder and CEO of Tesla, has tweeted a video today selling his first official music video as NFT. It seems like Elon Musk has joined the NFT craze after the influencers like Mark Cuban and Gary V. The internet is trending with his big move towards the Non-Fungible Tokens getting popular in no less time. He has already stepped forward in making more than $1.5 billion of investment in Bitcoin. Dogecoin is also a part of Elon’s tweet, driving the price value high for weeks now. …

In early 2019, A Persian street artist painted a mural and tokenized it to multiples NFTs. This is the first art that has been tokenized as non-fungible and gave the introduction to the concept of NFTs.

Today, NFTs are rife in the crypto market that everyone hears in the blockchain ecosystem as well as the investor’s community. This sudden popularity is because of its unique concept and characteristics. NFTs are the tokens created for your unique collectibles such as arts, music, videos, games, and other virtual assets. Some platforms enabled tokenizing tweets too. …

As blockchain has simplified various departments and business processes with its modern technology, it never failed to concentrate on the massive gaming community.

Blockchain game development:

Games serve as part of the environment that recalls the best moments in everyone’s life. These games add colours to life from the evolution of mankind. Digital games have grown with the invention of computers. The games that add fun, entertainment, and knowledge have changed their gaming modes and style with modern technology development. The 16-bit gaming consoles are replaced with power-packed PCs, PlayStations, and Xbox. …

Get a customized white-label cryptocurrency exchange turnkey solution at Blockchain App Factory at pocket-friendly prices, but with all significant features and functionalities. Along with all the features, you can lay your hand on additional aspects like an unlimited supply of ERC-20 tokens, multiple payment gateways, merchant plugin facility, margin trading option, and peer-to-peer transfer. Now, let’s take a look at its unique features;

  • Access to the entire transaction history for the user anytime
  • Multi-currency deposits and withdrawals by QR code and email
  • Availability of multiple trading pairs
  • Provision of real-time notifications
  • Two-factor authentication
  • 256SHA encryption
  • Availability of hot and cold…

Launch your own Exchange

Foreign exchange and stock markets have proved to the world that even uncertainty and volatility can be capitalized on and made into a wonderful profit-making opportunity for the common investors. An extension of this notion into the crypto world is the concept of cryptocurrency exchanges.

What are cryptocurrency exchanges?

Cryptocurrency exchanges, as the name implies, are platforms where a trader can trade crypto assets with another crypto asset at predetermined prices. The prices are dictated by market dynamics like the demand, the supply, and the magnitude of acceptance of a certain crypto coin.

Cryptocurrency exchanges are available for both web…

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